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In 11 years of existence, Ball-Hard has assisted quite a few athletes achieve some great things and opportunities in that same time frame... understand every single athlete started out with deficiencies in their game; from ball handling, basketball IQ, scoring the ball and everything in between - we all will struggle with some part of the game.  Through hard work and dedication, they were able to push thru adversity and shortcomings to obtain their goals. Ball-Hard is about 100% basketball training, so you don't need to have the skillset (we supply that) but you do need to bring the heart, intensity, and the work ethic of a champion. Ball-Hard works in conjunction with most of the top AAU programs in the area (as well as the country) so that the training has a direct impact during college "LIVE" viewing periods! 

By The Numbers

Division I Mindset & Work Ethic | High IQ

Hips Loaded and Low 

Footwork On Fleek | Great Balance

Handles On Ice | Ball-Handling Savant

Heart of A Champion | Competitive Sickness

Core Initiated Movement  

What Coaches Say About Ball-Hard Trainees



Ball-Hard started in a corner of a local recreation center... it blossomed through perserverance and hard work. That was the formula then and that is the formula now. If you are a kid aspiring to be the best in the state OR trying to get more meaningful minutes, Ball-Hard's mindset is simple, we are going to work as hard as we possibly can to make that dream into a reality! We write it on ALL of our balls: "A Ball And A Dream!" 

Here's What The Kid's Say... 20k + Views

Shooter's Shoot, Bang Bang

Footwork On Fleek | Great Balance


In 11 years of existence, Ball-Hard's most significant change has been the amount of kids that travel (out of state) to train with us. Last year there were 86 kids that participated in weekly workouts... we have corporate deals with Best Western and Courtyard Marriott. If you need accommodations, please let us know and we will give you the Ball-Hard room rate... come be a part!


Ball-Hard builds relationships with professional and qualified trainers, and organizations with a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals.  Ball-Hard’s strong training program is strengthened by these relationships, which result in well-rounded athletes.

Ball-Hard receives invitations from several division I programs to facilitate elite training camps and bring the Ball-Hard training methods into their communities. Programs such as Rice University, University of Texas, Texas A&M University, Duke University, University of Colorado… and a host of other programs have utilized Ball Hard for their camps.

Ball-Hard's acumen has led to new alliances with world renowned individuals & organizations such as Patrick Robinson (Pat The Roc Skills Academy)  and D1 Nation's Max Ivany (the fastest growing grassroots organization in America.). It has also help form new partnerships with basketball Icons such as, John Lucas (#1 basketball resource in the world) National Basketball Player Association (NBPA) Former Vice President, Maurice Evans; and Kyle Manary (ex-Dallas Mavericks scout / Jordan Brand Classic coach / Nike Trainer)



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