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Welcome To Arizona

Welcome To Arizona:

This is not our first time in Arizona... back in 2011 - 2013 we were working out every other weekend with Gatorade Player of Year individuals and quite a few high major prospects. Now we are circling back, this time we will start with the younger ones so that we will have even more time to develop them. It will be non-stop ripping and running on my end for the 3 days the Ball-Hard is there... just like we like it!   

Elite Camp?

The focus of the camp is to take some young ones and show them the work ethic and information necessary to be relevant in this beautiful game of basketball.

We are not worried about the skill level of the kid, but rather does the kid work hard enough to improve their skills. If you are the parent of the best kid or the parent of the best work ethic kid... there is something for EVERY type of kid. Limited spots so that we can maximize the reps and the attention to detail. We will see you soon, Arizona.

Shooting Camp?

The focus of this particular camp is to take some older young ones and show them the techniques and mechanics so that they can understand not only HOW to shoot the ball, but how to do it consistently! We cut the numbers down and raised the age limit(s) so that we have players that can focus and stay engaged while we teach this beautiful thing called shooting. Ball-Hard has a patented shooting apparatus called The Pure Shooter - it is useful tool when it comes to get the mechanics down and keeping everything aligned... we will utilize this product, as well as being on hand for purchase. Ball-Hard this year had 24 kids that trained with us (in the Central Texas area) that scored over 25pts this season - hope to see you guys out!

Small Group Workouts

We will do small group workouts at Arizona Lutheran Academy - this will be 4 kids at a time; we will have 2 instructors there so if the levels are varying, it will not be a problem! We want ANY KID THAT WANTS TO IMPROVE to be a part of this situation - if you are chasing D1 opportunities or dreams, I especially want you to be part of this group! We will have 2 sessions: 5pm - 6:15pm the second session is 6:15pm - 7:30pm 

This is how we are ending our day 2 out 3 days we are there; we need the energy to be out of this world - absolutely no babysitting - $45 per person, per session


We are going straight to the core of the next generation of Arizona basketball... the young ones! Our ability to teach at a high level, yet work kids at the level they are at leaves plenty of room for growth! Our patented PURE SHOOTER shooting apparatus will be on sale + Ball-Hard shirts as well. THIS IS NOT A BABY SITTING CAMP - if your kid does not have the ability to focus for 3.5 hours each day, please do not sign up. Also, bring a big water jug and plenty of snacks (carbs).   



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