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Ball-Hard offers some of the most comprehensive camps in Central Texas (and all around the country) - Our camps have participation 'caps' so that we can offer the BEST camp experience possible. Prepare to be amazed and energized at the same time! (all camps are divided by skillset)

Clay Madsen Recreation Center 

Ball Hard Basketball is offering an ELITE camp to all athletes serious about improving their game going into the off season. This camp will feature high level instruction in these major fundamental areas of focus: Shooting, Ball Handling, Footwork, Basketball IQ, and Conditioning. This camp will emphasize high volume shooting as players participate in drills that will work on proper shot ready mechanics, proper footwork, the importance of balance and dynamic stability, ball placement, and much more. Athletes will also be challenged by intensive ball handling which will embody a diverse range of moves in transition and hand-eye coordination. BALL HARD basketball will stimulate each athlete mentally through various tools and aids, while emphasizing high reps at game speed. The Camp is designed for boys and girls ages 6-14 |   3 Days  |   3 Hours Each Day



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