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Everyone wants their game to improve; improvement lies in the details and the reps. Ball-Hard has a 'signature' for improving the games of players all over the country... NOW with these young ones we are going to try something new... something different! We are going to take in incoming freshman and sophomores... the beginners! Give them an opportunity to be taught basketball properly and see if we can improve their situations as well.


We will take 10 kids total - just need some kids that are willing to work hard.

must register online (no walkups accepted)


  • Start Date:

Official Start Date: May 2nd 2021

Unofficial Start Date: April 19th 2021

  • Need To Bring: basketball attire and a water bottle

  • This is all about instruction, reps, and messing up! No kid should feel apprehensive about messing up - no pressure, other than the pressure that they put on themselves.

  • We will attempt to cover all the major aspects of the game, but if we are having difficulty, we will stay on a subject as long as we need to. 

  • We will try to create a teaching environment as well as a conducive learning environment; we will encourage kids to communicate (ask questions) and give their best effort, regardless of outcome.

As we move into this new, challenging workout schedule, we will offer a variety of dates / times to cover the absorbent amount of information and reps that we will be providing.

Our general schedule will be:

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5pm 

Some Fridays 5pm 

Saturdays 9am 

Sundays (optional and occasional - TBA) This opportunity is for middle school aged kids that are looking to improve their basketball skills.


This is the "meat and potatoes" of the entire combine... more time = more reps! We will be in the gym Monday - Thursdays.... and various opportunities will arise on the weekends as well (TBA)  Our general schedule will be:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 6am - 8am 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  8:30am - 10:30am

* with potential afternoon opportunities as well (1pm...TBA)

** We may also keep the evening schedule alive as well... we will keep you updated.


* & ** are based on the availability of Sean's schedule and what will have MAX participation levels.


This is the entire kitchen sink... this is improvement, on steroids... we are taking a program that we already have and "morphing" it to fit players that aspire to operate and play at higher level. We are literally gibing away time in the gym - while you are there, we will craft, shape, and mold players. THEN we will scrimmage and see where the improvement has occurred, then do it all again. 


With programming this dynamic, there are a ton of extra's that can be included... the overall objective is improvement in the player and improvement in their gameplay. 

  • Full Court Scrimmaging Opportunities 

this will be scheduled out as needed - we want to make sure we are "evaluating these players throughout the duration of the program.

  • Vertimax / Mobility / Preventative Training*

These opportunities will present themselves within the scheduled hours already laid out. IF you do not know what a "vertimax" is please Youtube  --- we will have 2 of them. 

  • Shooting Guns

Players will have access to 5 shooting guns and every week we will have a "hero" workout session in which we will have a minimum of 500 makes during that session.  



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