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Ball-Hard offers some of the most comprehensive camps in Central Texas (and all around the country) - Our camps have participation 'caps' so that we can offer the BEST camp experience possible. Prepare to be amazed and energized at the same time! (all camps are divided by skillset)

What Is The Pure Shooter Tour?

The Pure Shooter Tour represents the next generation of shooters throughout 7 states, as well as a patented shooting apparatus that Ball-Hard has developed. The product is nationwide and being used by collegiate and pro players everywhere... you are up next! We will strap up all the participants, so that they can feel the corrective pieces of the product ----- then we will take you through a fast paced shooting workout, with your NEW SHOT! 

What Is Expected Of Me?

Each participant is expected to come and work ---- the beginning is all mental training; learn the Pure Shooter and start learning to work WITH the apparatus and not AGAINST it... we will be strapped in for about 45 - 60 minutes. Afterwards, the pace will pick up dramatically!!! It will be up to the participant to work thru fatigue, lock in mentally, while fatigued. Most importantly, finish stronger than you started. 

Camp Particulars:

  • 18 Kid Maximum | Register Online

  • $54.00 Per Participant

  • BOYS | 9th - 12th Grade

  • Sunday March 31st  | 11am - 3pm 

  • The Camp / Clinic will be 4 hours long

  • Ball-Hard will provide The Pure Shooter

  • Pure Shooter's will be available for purchase after the camp.

  • Ball-Hard shirts will be available for purchase after the camp.




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