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Ball-Hard offers some of the most comprehensive camps in the country. - Our camps have participation 'caps' so that we can offer the BEST camp experience possible. Prepare to be amazed and energized at the same time! (all camps are divided by skillset). You won't be disappointed!!!


June 10th - 12th  | 11am - 1:30pm 

Ball-Hard will be hosting our NATIONALLY recognized DREAM. DEVELOP. DOMINATE. series in Colorado - this camp will expose athletes to the work ethic and information necessary to play high level / next level basketball. This camp will be challenging, even for the best players and we are capping the camp at 24 kids... so there will be plenty of reps to be had. We know that 2.5 hours daily is not enough time to go into the entire "bag" of information, but we can put a good dent into consistent shooting, high IQ, read & react, rhythm dribbling, high level passing, game changing defensive concepts, and of course playmaking ability. Hope to see you there!

Change Occurs When The Pain Of Staying The Same Is Worse Than The Pain Of Change

Who's Invited:

CoEd  | Middle School & High School Players ONLY

excepts will be made for M.S. aged players that are invited

This will be a fast paced clinic 

* if you have issues processing information fast, this may not be the course to sign up for - we are not concerned if you mess up, but if you get 'stuck' or frustrated because you lost a ball... please reconsider registering.


We will turn away walk-ups and will strictly adhere to the 24 kid cap that is mentioned for this camp. Please register online and secure your kiddos spot. - should be a great time!


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