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Welcome to the big show... this is our product in which we get these players ready for their future endeavors. The goal is to have each player extend their playing career into college. With that being said, there is no time to waste, so each workout will focus on strengthening weaknesses and raising the IQ of each participant. Workouts are longer in duration and way more intense... Ball-Hard will do the placement for this class. In the day and age of "playing up" - parents / kids will attempt to assist us with placement of their respective athlete. Please allow our years of experience to dictate our own program; it is in our best interest to create to most competitive environment possible.  The schedule will be Monday & Wednesday at 7:30pm - 8:45pm and Saturday at 10:30am - 11:45am. 




7:40PM - 9PM         7:40PM - 9PM          10:30AM - 11:50AM

* We are discontinuing training by age / grade and going 100% into skill / aptitude training. The Elite class will be reserved to participants that Ball-Hard trainers designate for that class. The placement is at the sole discretion of Ball-Hard, 
** These are the dates / times that are being offered. If these dates work with your athletes schedule, then by all means sign up. There is not an ability to swap out dates or pay a reduced amount due to scheduling conflicts. 

Elite 1 on 1 Services: 

*Elite participants can sign up for 1 on 1 training. It's actually encouraged so that the development can occur faster and move into a more advanced situation / class. Each kids development pattern is different, which is why the 1 on 1 opportunities are so important. The workouts are 60 minutes in duration; they will be focused and fast paced.  1 session is $75.00 and if you purchase in bulk (set of 10) the pricing is $700.00. Register today and see WHY Ball-Hard trainees are nationally recognized. 

Elite 1 on 1 Services: 

**Elite participants can sign up for Shooting 1 on 1 workouts. The objective of basketball is to score the basket... you would be amazed at how many kids are NOT prepared to score, let alone shoot the basketball. Ball-Hard has all the tools necessary to assist you with your shooting woes; from our patented Pure Shooter (shooting apparatus) to having 5 shooting guns (machines) we will supply with mechanical and technical support to make your shot form better. 1 session is $85.00 and if you purchase in bulk (set of 10) the pricing is $800.00. Register today & see WHY Ball-Hard trainees are the best shooters in Central Texas.


Tracy B.

My girls, Kaytlynn and Taylor, trained with Sean and I can honestly say it has been the best investment. Kaytlynn had always played a post player and was not comfortable or confident playing anything else. Sean is working with her to build her confidence level and show her options that she would have NEVER considered before, such as looking for her shot first. He continues to work on ball handling skills with her through various drills and I am amazed when I see her dribble down the court as this was never in her comfort zone! Taylor has a rags to riches story as she would call Sean crying last year because she was the last one to be put in at any of her basketball games. Sean has given her the riches of his personality and teaching skill to totally transform her. She is a completely different player and has become fearless. She is confident when dribbling the ball and will attempt various moves in a game situation just to see if they work. The main ingredient for her success is confidence and Sean has built that into her. I am so grateful that someone told me about Sean Hardeman and I know I am going to see incredible achievements in my girls over the next few years as Taylor is only an 8th grader this year! Ball Hard......from a completely sold out Mom!

Nathan D.

 have been around Basketball my whole life -- coming from a house where both Parents were head coaches in successful programs and now 2 of my daughters playing. I can honestly say Ball Hard is the real thing!! Sean has taken basketball training to a whole new level. He not only wants to see them succeed in the game but off the court as well. In just a short amount of time, he has made an impact in not just my kids lives but in a lot of kids lives. Ball Hard isn’t just Basketball; it’s a family!

Adrianna W. (HS Head Coach)

Coach Hardeman has been very influential to my athletes. He is very charismatic and this draws the athletes to him. He gives the girls motivation and confidence. The combination of his knowledge of/for the game and knowing how to train players for the intangibles of basketball is a win win situation. He has definitely left his mark on my girls and my program and I look forward to continually utilizing his services!


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