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Everyone wants their game to improve; improvement lies in the details and the reps. Ball-Hard has a 'signature' for improving the games of players all over the country... NOW with these young ones we are going to try something new... something different! We are going to take in the newbies... the beginners! Give them an opportunity to be taught basketball properly and see if we can improve their situations as well.


We will take 18 kids total - the levels of the kids can be whatever... we just need some kids that are willing to work hard. 

DID YOU KNOW: starting this year Round Rock ISD cut all freshman 'B' teams completely?! That means 15 kids potential basketball futures will come to a halt... that the opportunity for another year of development is now completely gone! Other ISD's will start cutting their teams next year as well. Just all the more reason that these kiddos need to get in the gym and keep working on their games.

must register online (no walkups accepted)

  • Start Date: October 6th 2020 

  • Need To Bring: basketball attire and water bottle

  • In the beginning, there will be quite a bit of talking (teaching points) which is why the 1st part of the sessions are longer than the last part.

  • This is all about instruction, reps, and messing up! No kid should feel apprehensive about messing up - no pressure, other than the pressure that they put on themselves.

  • We will attempt to cover all the major aspects of the game, but if we are having difficulty, we will stay on a subject as long as we need to. 

  • We will try to create a teaching environment as well as a conducive learning environment; we will encourage kids to communicate (ask questions) and give their best effort, regardless of outcome.

Welcome to a week of improvement; this one particular clinic is not a guarantee that you will get better, it is a great 1st step and potential eye opening opportunity. This coupled with some 1 on 1 workouts will jumpstart ANY kid's basketball opportunity.


October 6th:  5pm - 6:15pm  (Shooting Guns Workout)

October 8th: 5pm - 6:15pm (Ladder / Ball Handling Workout)

October  9th: 5pm - 7pm  (Ball Handling / Shooting Workout)

October 10th: 9am - 1pm (Skills & Drills / 3 on 3 / 4 on 4)

October 11th: 12pm - 4pm (Defensive Concepts / 3 on 3) 

there will be a 30 minute Q&A afterwards to wrap up

$240.00 per person



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