We are offering a FREE 90 minute shooting camp to the Central Texas community... with the amount of move-ins and COVID, some may not know that a dynamic, result driven program is right here for them. This is a FREE camp BUT we will run it as if you paid top dollar for it. Please do not register if you are not serious about working! The owner of the company will be running the workout and he expects a high output from each and every person that gets in front of him. 

Now that we got that *disclaimer out of the way - we want to improve the shooting percentages of each attendee, so we are going to unleash the entire "shooting package" for the attendees of this clinic. We will be doing A LOT of partner work, so if you can bring someone that you can work well with and they can push you ---- that would be great!

* COVID is a real thing, so we take it seriously... the gym will be disinfected with our eletrostatic sprayer to ensure that the space that these kiddos are coming to is safe.