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Kids are out of school and we are going to get in the gym and make a difference - improvement is intentional - Come and enjoy the beauty of this game called basketball with us... during the 4 hours we will work on footwork, ball handling, shooting, attacking the basket, passing, AND SO MUCH MORE! We will be in the gym while others will be at home, chilling. That is how you get better than the competition. 

jan 16.jpg

A lot of basketball players began this year burning with passion about improving their game.

If that sounds like your athlete, I'd love to help them work smart AND hard.

Whether you want to...

- Help your athlete get more playing time on their school or rec team
- Put your athlete in a safe space to increase assertiveness and boost confidence
- Help them find fulfillment in the game during this intense training
- Introduce them to what hard work looks like

Or, you just want a service that has been said to be "better than expected," join us for THIS camp... as well as any of our other future clinics / camps.


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