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SEPTEMBER 4TH  |  8AM -12PM |  COED  | 8YR - 16YR

Kids are out of school and we are going to get in the gym and make a difference - improvement is intentional - Come and enjoy the beauty of this game called basketball with us... during the 4 hours we will work on footwork, ball handling, shooting, attacking the basket, passing, AND getting up and down the floor, competing

(5 on 5 | 4 on 4 | 3 on 3  |  2 on 2)   We will be in the gym while others will be at home, chilling. That is how you get better than your competition. 

LABOR DAY 2023.jpg

Let's get right to it... we are excited to have another opportunity to get in gym with some of Central Texas finest kiddos. We will work on: Ball Handling / Shooting / Defense / Passing / as well as play competitive  5on5 4on4 3on3  2on2 - then, throw in a shooting contest and it's a wrap!!! ....should be a great event. REGISTER NOW!

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