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After a full year of case study, Ball-Hard finally has released what could possibly be the best shooting apparatus to hit the market in the last 10 years... The Pure Shooter! Most shooting aids deal with the top of your shot; the Pure Shooter eliminates any extra movement, as well as raises your shot arc. This device does not allow the "chicken wing" or the shooter's elbow to bow out and it restricts the shooter's ability to move right or left ---- the end result is a "quiet" shot form (not a lot of movement) and a shot that will be long or short, not right or left. 

the more you use it the less you feel it; it will create a new "muscle memory" and most will form a new, good shooting habit versus practicing a form that has to be changed with every growth spurt. 

The Pure Shooter consists of two pieces: Elbow Straps (adjustable velcro arm straps and length) and wrist straps (adjustable velcro) - The Pure Shooter is 100% machine washable. 

The straps are optimum for ages 8yr - adulthood. Shooting is such a time consuming and intricate process; each person in a lifetime can go thru multiple shotform changes... as they should because as each person matures (or gets older) different muscles kick in (and out) - the straps make sure that the FORM never changes, which is huge! This device will give each athlete a chance to be consistent with their shooting... order your Pure Shooter below.



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