3 hours a day... Anyway, welcome to another year of Ball-Hard putting together an incredible camp schedule. This Spring Break Camp will be SIC... you know, Skills, IQ Builds, and Competition. Each participant will come in and will find out very quickly that we mean business.

SKILLS:   "can you do ________?" This is where each kid will show improvement; we want to change the answer from YES/NO to "let me try it!" Then we start moving into interpretation versus doing a drill. This will go on throughout the day and throughout the week.

IQ BUILDS:   This will probably be the biggest gain of most of the participants - IQ builds are nothing more than putting these PREP's in a situation (that occurs in a regular game) and attempt to correct the behavior / response to mirror what should happen. Once we get the necessary response, we drill it out to make it 2nd nature not something that they remember. This alone makes the camp worthwhile.


 COMPETITION: time to get in the game, coach. We will play 1 on 1 / 2 on 2 / 3 on 3 / 4 on 4 / 5 on 5 ~ controlled scrimmages... and we have a couple of twists to introduce to make the IQ piece become 2nd nature as well. These kids will LOVE it!

Spring Break Camp 2022 (Revised).jpg