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What Is This Camp?

AM - ELITE CAMP - is all about being on the move with a ball; learning elite level ball handling, passing, defense, attacking the basket and some shooting. This is very challenging and exciting... 3 HOURS EACH DAY | 5 DAYS

PM - SHOOTING CAMP - is about exploring the technical and mechanical side of shooting; taking a good shooter and give him / her the information to be a better shooter. Also very challenging --- players will need to work thru fatigue, both mental and physical. 4 HOURS EACH DAY | 5 DAYS 

Need To Know...

Most of our kids that attended camps in prior years, will be attending this year's as well - these kids love to work hard and get after it... some have a lot of work that needs to be done on the skill side, but they have a motor that is second to none. We are not worried if your kid is the BEST basketball player, we just want them to come in everyday and compete as well as get better. 

Be prepared to work your tail off and get better... it will be a long day / long week so please bring: quite a few snacks (heavy carbs) and a BIG LUNCH and a big water jug ---  This will be a sellout event, so register early and register with a friend and let's get to work! #BallHard



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