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Ball-Hard offers some of the most comprehensive camps in Central Texas (and all around the country) - Our camps have participation 'caps' so that we can offer the BEST camp experience possible. Prepare to be amazed and energized at the same time! (all camps are divided by skillset)

Columbus Day Skills Camp

3 Available Options |   Friday October 5th        Monday October 8th        Tuesday October 9th 

8am - 12pm   OR   8am - 4pm   OR   12:30pm - 4pm 


Students / Parents can sign up for 1 day OR  2 days of camp; within those options, you will have the option to sign up for a morning session, afternoon session, or an all day session. This is the 1st time that we are offering this amount of variation... 


The Morning Session (8am - 12pm) will focus specifically on Ball-Handling (static and moving) as well as attach the basket work. Attendees will get shot's up while working on various skills. 

The Afternoon Session (12:30pm - 4pm) will focus specifically on Shooting (partner work and individual work) - Attendees will understand how to become MORE CONSISTENT with their shooting mechanics and technique. 

there is a built-in lunch break from 12pm - 12:30pm for all day attendees

Who's Invited:

CoEd  |  Ages 6yr - 9yr  |  Ages 10yr - 13yr  |  Ages 14yr - 17yr 

Attendees will be separated based on skillset / this is a 6 basket facility, so we have plenty of space to get quite a bit accomplished.


Morning Session (1 Day Pass) : $25.00         Morning Session ( 2 Day Pass)  $40.00

Afternoon Session (1 Day Pass) : $30.00    Afternoon Session ( 2 Day Pass)  $50.00

All Day Session (1 Day Pass) : $45.00                All Day Session ( 2 Day Pass)  $75.00

The camp will be capped at 40 participants | This camp will sell out FAST!



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