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Ball-Hard offers some of the most comprehensive camps in Central Texas (and all around the country) - Our camps have participation 'caps' so that we can offer the BEST camp experience possible. Prepare to be amazed and energized at the same time! (all camps are divided by skillset)

Every year Ball-Hard introduces our version of what 'summer camps' should look like - Our camps are capped so that we maximize our time with each participant and minimize the opportunity for stagnant, stand around time. Coupled with a progressive, intense mindset and execution,,, it's an experience that is second to none in the area! 

- The kids that we are targeting are the ones that want to get in the gym and work hard... our camps cannot go all day simply because of the output that require, no one would be able withstand 5 days (40 hours) of the type of work that Ball-Hard is known for. This is a great, cost effective scenario for your kid to see WHY we have the most dynamic and result based training group in Central Texas. 

The theme for June is: 

Cracking The Code

Exploring the mental makeup of how to be a consistent player and how to leave "fingerprints" on the game. 

Our camps are engineered to challenge players at every level - so if you are a beginner, you are jumping in feet first... but do we have something for the player that does pick a ball and has a good work ethic? ABSOLUTELY... matter of fact, we have been waiting for you. Come on in because we have something for everyone.

The theme for July is: 

Reps On Reps On Reps

Get in the gym and put the work in... the fatigue factor in this series is something serious ---- reps on reps on reps.

Quite a bit of competitive gamesmanship in the month of July. 4 v 4 | 3 v 3 | 2 v 2 |  1 v 1 -  July is all about the REPS!!!

The theme for August is: 

Dream. Develop. Dominate.

Teach the lifestyle that is Ball-Hard; learn to turn dreams into reality with a consistent work ethic and execution. End of the summer, so we are going to be LOUD and LIVE!



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