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Duke University 2015

"There have been many great things that have come out of my experience with the Ball-Hard organization. Some people ask why I drive the hour and a half up to Austin from San Antonio 3-5 times a week, and I tell them it's because Sean demands the best from each and every player. He doesn't just throw together a basic, generic workout to make you sweat then send you home; he sees the areas of improvement in each player's game and tailors the workout to work on their weaknesses and make them strengths. He makes the players comfortable with being uncomfortable. A person's game has no choice but to flourish in this environment because everyone is forced to  constantly try new things until that uncomfortable feeling becomes something natural.  Sean is the best trainer I have ever worked with, not just because of the work he can do on the court but also because of the person he is altogether. He has taught me a lot, both as a player and a person; my game has grown so much and I know that I have matured as an individual  from my joining the Ball-Hard family.When you train with him, you outwork and take care of your business, but you also feel the comradery amongst all the trainees and trainers. The atmosphere is always light and it truly feels like a family. I have met many different people and lifelong relationships have been formed. Overall, I LOVE Ball-Hard and all the people associated with it. I cannot thank Sean enough for all of his hardwork and all the time that he has put into me, helping to prepare me to maximize the opportunities that God has blessed me with. I cannot wait to see the future success of Sean and all of the people that are a part of this movement." 


Kyra Lambert's Dad

Ball Hard is unmatched when it comes to the tools that Sean provides to the athletes. He is able to quickly assess a player and meet them where they're at in their skill development and build from there. He continuously challenges the athletes and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone in order to improve their current skill set and develop a rock solid skill set that makes them more productive at whatever level they are playing from middle school up to pro level athletes. The challenge for any athlete is in the translation from working hard in the gym to game time and being able to perform when it counts most!! I've entrusted my daughter Kyra to Ball-Hard and with all of the hard work, one of the fruits of her labor is that she is now one of twenty four McDonald All-Americans across the Nation in the class of 2015. Ball-Hard is the TRUTH and its for real!!!


Elena & Keenan Gumbs' Dad

Ball Hard is the preeminent basketball training and player development trainer in the Central TX area. From Austin to San Antonio, and points in between, Sean knows what it takes to prepare players to not only reach their full potential, but to perform at a level which exceeds expectation. Sean's ability to break down the game to it's simplest form is unmatched. Player's not only develop an advanced skill set, they establish a full understanding of the game from and offensive and defensive perspective.
I've trusted my two children to Ball Hard, and seen their game grow exponentially! If you have a child interested in taking their game to the next level, I HIGHLY recommend Ball Hard...you won't be disappointed!

ERIN HILLARY ( Nikki Cardano-Hillary's Mom )

“Dang! I wish I had started with Sean when we first got to Texas.” These were the exact words of my daughter Nikki Cardaño-Hillary as she looked back on the 3½ years she has been training with Sean Hardeman at Ball-Hard.
There are so many trainers, programs and teams in the area that are vying for your business that it makes it hard to know which one is the best for your kid. In my experience, “word of mouth”, has always been the way to go. That is exactly how Nikki got connected with Ball-Hard. This is my “word of mouth” to you. Japreece Dean (UCLA Women’s Basketball) asked Nikki to go training one night with Sean Hardeman… the rest is history. The first few sessions were definitely a challenge for Nikki. The talent of the older girls was tremendous. Kyra Lambert, Japreece Dean, Charmaine McBride, Jordanna Porter, just to name a few of those who went on to receive full scholarships to play
basketball at D1 Universities. (Not to mention all those that have followed them, because I would need a lot more space!) She stuck with it and will tell you, with no uncertainty, that she loved every minute of it. It didn’t matter that, at the time, there was very little light, no air-conditioning nor heat, lots of humidity and even more mosquitoes at the warehouse, that’s where they all WANTED to be at the end of the day. The same kids that had put in 2-3 hour practices everyday at their high schools still wanted to hit the gym with Sean. He must be doing something right!
I spent a lot of hours in that warehouse and enjoyed every minute of it as well. The workouts are never the same and there is constant modification to help each of the kids improve everyday they train. There are continuous challenges in ball handling no matter what position they play. Kids’ confidence is built by achieving goals and pushing themselves even when they think they have nothing left. Tough talks and constructive criticism are regulars in the gym. Be ready to hear the truth, that’s the only way to get better. The over-all improvement, mental toughness and IQ that Nikki has acquired over these last 3 ½ years have been amazing. She has a great relationship with Sean that
consists of mutual respect and genuine friendship; he gave her the tools and guidance, she put in the work.
My husband and I couldn’t be more thankful to Sean for the dedication and support he has shown Nikki over these last 3 ½ years. Our only regret is that he will be too far away for her to continue to train with him when she gets to George Mason University.

If your athlete is ready to take it to the next level, don’t hesitate. Get over to Ball-Hard.
With my sincerest gratitude,
Erin Hillary


Dylan Lewis' Dad

Ball-hard is a first class leader in skill development for basketball players!  My son has seen great skill improvement since using the many fundamental and high advance drills used in Ball-hard's repertoire.  If you want high skill cutting edge training for your future baller get him/her here right away!


Jasmine Sborov's Dad

One of the most dynamic and skilled trainers I’ve seen to date… meets you at your level and takes you beyond any boundaries you may have. His training is focused on game situations and counter moves. Has an uncanny knack for getting the most out of the player. If you are an elite player, Sean is the guy to get you ready for the next level.


Cami Davis' Mom

Sean and Ball Hard are the real deal.  I have had the privilege of watching him transform athletes from average players to exceptional players in their respective game.  His passion, drive, and determination to "outwork" and to push athetes beyond their own expectations is second to none.  This same philosophy is demanded from all his athletes he trains; and that, in turn, drives and motivates them to be the best they can be and second to none. 



Angel Thai's Dad

Everybody knows the secret to success is practice, practice, practice - but doing the same old drills over and over again can get OLD really fast! Coach Sean’s training program makes practice FUN because he has so many ways to drill; by keeping it FRESH, you will enjoy practice more! We, or in this case, my daughter Angel Thai has been training with Coach Sean now for about 7 months and to this day each session with him is like our first time with him! Things that take DAYS  to master can be learned in less than a two hour session; he can accomplish this because he doesn't just tell you what to do, but he can and will show you how to do it.
Another positive thing about Coach Sean is he is very perceptive of how much you can handle; he will push you to the edge of the breaking point without breaking you.  This type of encouragement will build confidence in your physical stamina and strengthen your mental toughness. Angel & I are grateful to have found a teacher/trainer that cares and is very passionate about his profession.


-- Ball Hard ;-)

-- Thai Family


Over the past 13 years the D1 Ambassadors have grown to be the country's most successful grassroots program with over 150 Division One players and several Pros amongst it's contingent of prestigious alumni. 

Coach Sean Hardeman of Ball Hard has been an integral part of giving players from the Austin-San Antonio area in the game's fundmentals. He doesn't stop there though as he tailors his workouts to meet the needs of college level prospects, many of who still check in with him during their off season for "tune ups" on their game.


Coach Max Ivany

Adidas Grassroots Consultant



Jaylen Shead's Dad

Sean Hardeman! Self -Motivated – Hard Working – Dedicated! I have seen Sean portray these things first hands he not only trains, but prepares my kids for the next level of basketball and life. He isn’t for everyone because he is not going to tell you false things just to satisfy and shelter your feelings. If you want to improve your skillset in basketball, build your body, and build your mind… Sean and Ball Hard is the place to be!


Elvin Shead – President of CCYA Tigers (Proud Parent of Autumn, Jaylen, and Jamal Shead)

* Top 20 AAU Team In The Country


The relationship between Push The Rock Basketball Club and Ball Hard, especially with Sean Hardeman has been exceptional over the years!  With the assistance of Ball Hard, PTR was able to win two state titles, and runner up in a National Championship tournament.  Ball Hard has my complete endorsement as one of the top basketball training program in the State!

Marty Martin
Push The Rock Basketball Club


Sean Hardeman has a great knowledge and passion for the sport of basketball. I had the opportunity to work side by side with him during an elite basketball camp at Rice University.  In that one summer alone I learned a tremendous amount of basketball techniques that I now use as a coach at the college level.  His work ethic and love of the game is evident and I would not hesitate to send any athlete looking to further their career or skill to Sean Hardeman and Ball-Hard.


Blessing Chekwa

Director Of Basketball Operations - Rice University

Asst. Head Coach - Delta State University


We have done a few sessions with Sean since March. At first my daughter cried and was afraid to go back. He is not a trainer that will take it easy on athletes but, we keep going back because it truly is the best place to train. The level of training you get is the best. We were blessed to find Sean and ballhard and I highly recommend it if you are wanting to get your child to the next level.



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