A Nationwide Basketball Training System
A Nationwide Basketball Training System

What Do People Say?

The Family That Started It All 

Jasmine Sborov - Round Round High School  | University of Colorado

McDonald's All American Nominee    District Offensive MVP       (Current: Asst Head Coach Harvard University Women's Basketball)

Small Town Girl... Big Time Game

Sedona Prince - Liberty Hill High School  | University of Oregon

McDonald's All American      Jordan Brand Classic     #5 In The Country    3x USA Basketball Team Member

—  Name, Title

This may sound dramatic; but it's a true statement: Finding Sean Hardeman to train our daughter in basketball skills and in life was the best decision that we've ever made. After hearing rave reviews about Sean's creative and tough workouts for years, I finally summoned up the courage to call him on a sunny March day in 2017. Sean answered on the third ring and I began stumbling through an introduction of who our daughter, Sedona was.
He interrupted me and said these very words, "I already know all about your girl and I want to tell you about the plan I have in place to change her game."
Sedona was good at the time, not great and wanted to reach her potential.We set up a training session for the following Saturday in a big gym in Pflugerville. Sean did not lie...he had a brilliant plan to get the most out of our girl. The thing is his plan included a piece of training that others might miss, mental toughness and confidence. Sedona's junior year versus her senior year of basketball were diametrically opposed. Her strength both physically and mentally was off the charts. Sean not only impacted Sedona's basketball career, but nore importantly, her belief in herself. As a parent of an extraordinarily tall girl in a small town, I will forever be indebted to Sean for this. Sean has been our rock through this last year of challenge as Sedona has healed from a broken leg. There has never been a time that he hasn't picked up the phone when we have called (many times in tears). After every conversation, with some Sean wisdom, we feel alot better. This letter could go on for days as it would take that long to detail every incredible thing that Sean has done for Sedona and our family. Sean is family now. 

My highest advice to any parent with a basketball player is to entrust your child's training with Sean Hardeman... the best basketball decision our family ever made.

With love,

Tambra Prince

The Spaniard...

Nikki Cardano-Hillary - Vista Ridge High School  | University of George Washington

McDonald's All American Nominee      All Centex POY      Avg 30ppg       A10 Conference POY (Soph)    A10 Rookie of The Year 

Dang! I wish I had started with Sean when we first got to Texas.” These were the exact words of my daughter Nikki Cardaño-Hillary as she looked back on the 3½ years she has been training with Sean Hardeman at Ball-Hard.
There are so many trainers, programs and teams in the area that are vying for your business that it makes it hard to know which one is the best for your kid. In my experience, “word of mouth”, has always been the way to go. That is exactly how Nikki got connected with Ball-Hard. This is my “word of mouth” to you. Japreece Dean (UCLA Women’s Basketball) asked Nikki to go training one night with Sean Hardeman… the rest is history. The first few sessions were definitely a challenge for Nikki. The talent of the older girls was tremendous. Kyra Lambert, Japreece Dean, Charmaine McBride, Jordanna Porter, just to name a few of those who went on to receive full scholarships to play
basketball at D1 Universities. (Not to mention all those that have followed them, because I would need a lot more space!) She stuck with it and will tell you, with no uncertainty, that she loved every minute of it. It didn’t matter the time or location, that’s where they all WANTED to be at the end of the day. The same kids that had put in 2-3 hour practices everyday at their high schools still wanted to hit the gym with Sean. He must be doing something right!
I spent a lot of hours in that warehouse and enjoyed every minute of it as well. The workouts are never the same and there is constant modification to help each of the kids improve everyday they train. There are continuous challenges in ball handling no matter what position they play. Kids’ confidence is built by achieving goals and pushing themselves even when they think they have nothing left. Tough talks and constructive criticism are regulars in the gym. Be ready to hear the truth, that’s the only way to get better. The over-all improvement, mental toughness and IQ that Nikki has acquired over these last 3 ½ years have been amazing. She has a great relationship with Sean that
consists of mutual respect and genuine friendship; he gave her the tools and guidance, she put in the work.
My husband and I couldn’t be more thankful to Sean for the dedication and support he has shown Nikki over these last 3 ½ years. Our only regret is that he will be too far away for her to continue to train with him when she gets to George Mason University.

If your athlete is ready to take it to the next level, don’t hesitate. Get over to Ball-Hard.
With my sincerest gratitude,
Erin Hillary


—  Name, Title

One of The Best To Do It

Kyra Lambert - Schertz Clements High School  | Duke University 

McDonald's All American       Jordan Brand Classic      Avg 28ppg       #9 In The Country  

"There have been many great things that have come out of my experience with the Ball-Hard organization. Some people ask why I drive the hour and a half up to Austin from San Antonio 3-5 times a week, and I tell them it's because Sean demands the best from each and every player. He doesn't just throw together a basic, generic workout to make you sweat then send you home; he sees the areas of improvement in each player's game and tailors the workout to work on their weaknesses and make them strengths. He makes the players comfortable with being uncomfortable. A person's game has no choice but to flourish in this environment because everyone is forced to  constantly try new things until that uncomfortable feeling becomes something natural.  Sean is the best trainer I have ever worked with, not just because of the work he can do on the court but also because of the person he is altogether. He has taught me a lot, both as a player and a person; my game has grown so much and I know that I have matured as an individual  from my joining the Ball-Hard family.When you train with him, you outwork and take care of your business, but you also feel the comradery amongst all the trainees and trainers. The atmosphere is always light and it truly feels like a family. I have met many different people and lifelong relationships have been formed. Overall, I LOVE Ball-Hard and all the people associated with it. I cannot thank Sean enough for all of his hardwork and all the time that he has put into me, helping to prepare me to maximize the opportunities that God has blessed me with. I cannot wait to see the future success of Sean and all of the people that are a part of this movement." 

Agapito "Pop" Lambert  - Kyra Lambert's Dad

Ball Hard is unmatched when it comes to the tools that Sean provides to the athletes. He is able to quickly assess a player and meet them where they're at in their skill development and build from there. He continuously challenges the athletes and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone in order to improve their current skill set and develop a rock solid skill set that makes them more productive at whatever level they are playing from middle school up to pro level athletes. The challenge for any athlete is in the translation from working hard in the gym to game time and being able to perform when it counts most!! I've entrusted my daughter Kyra to Ball-Hard and with all of the hard work, one of the fruits of her labor is that she is now one of twenty four McDonald All-Americans across the Nation in the class of 2015. Ball-Hard is the TRUTH and its for real!!!



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