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2020 Thanksgiving Elite & Shooting Camp

BEFORE we start talking basketball... let's talk safety! We understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic and we want to protect each and every kiddo... so we are going to spell out the protocols for you:

- Temperature check of each athlete coming into the facility. Parents as well; staying or not, if you will be around other participants we ware checking your temperature.
- Pine Sol has been stated to kill the Coronavirus on contact, so every morning in between sessions we will wipe down the balls and the facility with Pine Sol.
- We have a ton of hand sanitizer on deck... every break we are putting it on.
_ We will be working out in masks! There are times when we will do (far away / spaced out) partner work in which partners will be able to drop their masks (over 6ft between them) - It is uncomfortable to work out in a mask, but we are talking SAFETY FIRST.

ELITE CAMP | Kids (and parents) have been going stir crazy, so now it's time to offer an outlet AND get some great information about basketball! Our ELITE camp is all about controlling and handling the ball, work on passing, work on attacking the basket, defense... and shooting the ball! Fast paced and plenty of breaks - please bring a mask, a big water jug, and a great attitude. We are limiting the camp to 20 kids so the energy will need to be created by the kids and the trainer(s) so that we can have a enjoyable time.

BE A BUCKET (SHOOTING CAMP)  |  20 spots to come and get the shooting information that central Texas kid's have come to love. Plenty of time, plenty of reps, and plenty of space!

Mondays session is all about mechanics (understanding where to generate power consistently and how) balance (this is key) , and just a ton of shooting. 

Tuesdays session will focus on technique (using the mechanics from Monday and adding  the IQ and the understanding on top of it) - footwork (being able to utilize balance to get where I need to get to on the court. ) - Precision (heavy ball , big ball, and a regular ball will get that shot right).

Wednesdays session is all about getting up shots on a mass level. We will pull out the shooting guns and put it all together...  2 hours of straight shooting!!! - once again only 20 spots available.



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