Train Like A Pro Basketball Clinic

Welcome to the start of the something special... Ball-Hard is attempting to take over youth basketball in Central Texas by offering, programming that makes sense; give kids the opportunity to get quality instruction, as well as plenty of reps!

  • Participants will have the ability to get information / instruction from players that are attempting to extend their playing careers overseas and NBA.

  • High Level instruction from the position that your kid plays.

  • The guys listed will run the camp in its entirety 

  • This is an amazing opportunity for your young player to get information from D1 players. 

  • PG, SG, Combo Guards, SF, Stretch 4, Post... we have it all, under one roof. 

TLAP Basketball Camp 2022 (1).png

ELEMENTARY | We will attempt to accommodate all skill levels, but please understand that we want kids that want to WORK HARD.

We can lower the goals and we will have plenty of staff on hand. We want to invite EVERYONE (COED) to come out and have an experience that you will remember for quite some time. LET'S GO!!!

MAX 50 | COED | 1st - 5th Grade

MIDDLE SCHOOL / HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS | This clinic is not for beginners - we are about get after it folks! If you as a player aspire to play collegiate basketball, these fellas have been there / done that... Big Schools, Small Schools, Tranfers, Coaching Change, Role Change... and every situation you can think of. PLUS... these players have had workouts for teams such as The Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers... so you will be in front of some real guys that have a real opportunity to reach the highest goal, The NBA.

Q&A | How To Warmup | Workouts | Shooting Workout | 5 on 5 | 4 on 4 | 3 on 3 | 1 on 1 | Film Study 

MAX 75 | COED | 6th - 12th Grade