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Time to INCREASE our skillset... safely! Sunday May 24 we are all about EXCELLENCE (and responsibility). Ball-Hard is looking for 15 players that want to improve their knowledge base of the game as well as get around some players that are ALREADY doing what they want to do! All we ask is that you come prepared to work... and work hard! Endurance ball handling, shooting form / technique, defensive principles (understanding), passing / communication, and shooting (attacking thedefender / downhill). Quite a bit to cover, so it will be some REPS ON REPS ON REPS... let's get (*back) to work! 


The COVID - 19 protocols are very straight forward; due to the fact that there currently is not a vaccine for this virus, Ball-Hard puts child safety above all things. The owner of Ball-Hard is a TYPE 1 Diabetic (his pancreas no longer works on his own) and is an African American male... so the safety and sanitization of the gym is paramount! If your kid(s) are safe, he is too!

- EVERY athlete's temperature will be taken at the door upon arrival.

-  Anyone with an "insistent cough" will be asked to leave

- Bring your own ball (all the balls and equipment utilized are and will be sanitized prior to use as well as after.

- Bring the biggest water jug you got and FILL IT UP! We would rather you have more than enough, than not enough. There is a public water fountain within the building (safety first)

- At this time we will limit OR not allow spectators... depending on  the overall numbers  of the gym. (we will create a "ZOOM" link if we do not allow spectators, so that you can see the work being doing and the effort of your kid.

- Ball-Hard will have the participants sanitize the participants at the beginning of the workout; we would also like every athlete to sanitize their hands during every break as well. We have sanitizer on hand and available or you can bring your  own as well.

* Ball-Hard is a 6 goal, spacious facility... we have plenty of room to comfortably  and safely accommodate  15 athletes that are ready to get work done.  




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