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Ball-Hard has eliminated Age from the process of Skill Development. We will now move into a format in which SKILL will determine the athlete's practice genre. To be honest we don't perform or have a BASIC / ABC starting type program, so the average player will be pushed no matter where they are slotted. Ball-Hard understands that we live in a day and age in which parents want their kids to "play up!"  - or that a kid that is the same age is in one group and "my kid is just as good as that kid!"  Let me assure each and every participant in this program... Ball-Hard will conduct thorough evaluations - we will make a determination on a KID BY KID basis - There will be "Test Out" workouts, quarterly. There will be plenty of opportunity and feedback given for any kid that wants to make a change, to do so. Generally, Ball-Hard will perform a simple player evaluation and based on that interaction, we are able to slot players to the appropriate class.



PREP Elementary  (3 workouts a week) is our Introduction To Ball-Hard, NOT an introduction to basketball. This classification is for players that have a skillset that has not been developed - this plan is all about REPS!!! The class will be a challenge with a special emphasis on ball handling and footwork. Each workout will be 60 min in duration.




PREP (Developmental / Academy) is our 'Readiness' product; this class will be more challenging and we will introduce quite a bit of concepts to each participant. Each athlete will be expected to take the concept OR  drill home and perform on their own - we will not repeat workouts, so it will be a must that the "homework" is completed! Heavy ball handling, game situation, footwork, and introduction to shooting. Each workout will be a minimum 75 min in duration.




PREP ELITE  (minimum 4 workouts a week @ 90+ minutes) is specifically for our kids that have shown time and time again exceptional aptitude with both drill and game like situational drills - this class is for the player that can push themselves and looking to be pushed. Heavy concept based (mental) workouts as well as LONG REPS! *Ball-Hard reserves the right to move any athlete out of this program at any point and time. Welcome to the Big Show... Each workout will be a minimum 90 minutes in duration. 


This product is for the trainees that know that they are with Ball-Hard for the 'long term' and / or want a lot of time in the gym. These trainees will have access to the facility 40% - 60% more than the regular training group will. NEW FOR 2017: trainees will be able to schedule time on the shooting gun (at their scheduling discretion). Obviously our times will need to mesh, but it will not and should not be a problem to meet up and unlock the guns. Trainees also receive percentage deals off of guest trainers, guest camps, Breakfast Club workouts, and will be allowed to travel with Ball-Hard to various camps/ venues. * Travel waiver must be signed by the guardian prior to any travel arrangements being made. During the summer time, these trainees will be in the gym everyday -  . It's everything for your kid to take a significant leap in the game of basketball.

PREP ELITE  PLUS (minimum 4 workouts a week @ 90+ minutes) exact same program as PREP ELITE (mentioned above) with the added twist that if you sign on, you will receive a 1 on 1 workout EVERY MONTH for just $30.00 for the entire 12 months of this program. Normal 1 on 1 fees are $50.00 - $85.00 (depending on who is doing the workout) that is a savings of $240 - $660. This program just guarantees that your kid will have a progressive 1 on 1 workout every month...

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