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Ball-Hard started in the corner of a local recreation center and blossomed through perseverance and hard work. That was the formula then, and that is the formula now. If you are a kid aspiring to be the best in the state OR trying to get more meaningful minutes, Ball-Hard's mindset is simple, and we are going to work as hard as we possibly can to make that dream into a reality! We write it on ALL of our balls: "A Ball And A Dream!" 


For 16 years, Ball-Hard has assisted athletes in achieving some great things and opportunities. In that same time frame, understand every athlete started with deficiencies in their game; from ball handling, basketball IQ, scoring the ball, and everything in between - we all will struggle with some part of the game. Through hard work and dedication, they will push through adversity and shortcomings to obtain their goals. Ball-Hard is about 100% basketball training, so you don't need to have the skillset (we supply that), but you need to bring the heart, intensity, and work ethic of a champion.​

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