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The Camp

This is more of a COLLECTIVE or THINKTANK of basketball information... the format of the camp is very simple; we will let everyone introduce themselves... warmup and then, GET BUSY!!!

Bodies moving at a high rate of speed, executing at a 10 level, and learning / soaking up information as they go!!!

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Are You Getting The Results You Want From This Season?!

Join Trey Draper and Jonathan Thomas, the skill development and enhancement coaches of NBA superstar Ja Morant, for two exciting sessions! The first session is for middle school players (and elementary players that can keep up), while the second session is for high school players (coed). With their energy and knowledge, you're sure to improve your skills and take game to the next level.

2 of the industry's top guys are descending upon Austin, TX. to offer a tune-up or "calibration"  experience to the players of Central Texas. Trey Draper (University of Memphis) is an author and a former player and now is a color analyst for the University of Memphis. Jonathan Thomas (University of Toledo / University of Arkansas Little Rock) was an assistant coach at IMG Academy in Florida...

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