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The New Home For The Best Shooter's In Central Texas

Shooter's School

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As we get ready to start the 2023-2024 workouts for Ball-Hard... we are introducing a NEW PRODUCT, Shooter's School! Any and all things shooting that Ball-Hard will host, can be found right here.  As we introduce our latest patented pending product  (The Cheat Cord) - as well our other patented product (The Pure Shooter)  + we have 9... yes 9 shooting guns (with 10 baskets at our disposal)... so we have more equipment than your school - it's no wonder why we have the best shooter's in the area. Check out the dates / times and register for what works for you and your family.

What Are Our Shooting Products \ Camps \ Clinics


Shooter Lab  [$80.00]

[ 1 Day A Week 4x A Month - 60 Minutes Long}

This product offers 4 distinct shooting workouts, during the weekday (normally a Tuesday or Thursday) - players can literally do this product 6 different times and come away with different information every time.  This is more a class to learn how to shoot and shoot better. Great because it's 60 minutes in duration, but every week for four (4) weeks. 


Get Buckets [$65.00]

{ 3 Hour Shooting Clinic } 

This product is normally offered on Saturdays... this product is for the player that just can't get their shot to fall....we will introduce the participants to our Heavy Balls, Big Balls, and insert fatigue - this clinic is a crowd favorite simply because of the amount of energy and work each player has to put into it. 


Shooting 1 on 1 [$85 / $400]

60 minutes in duration; we will learn you as player, pros and cons of your shot / mechanics /technique - we will assess what necessary issue we need to address AND THEN go get these reps in. 1 on 1 is all about little details and changing the mind on what to do and when to doit. Most players have "attached" their success of shooting with making the shot, not on 'how did the ball feel leaving my hand.'  It's a ton of information crammed into a short amount of time! We offer 1 session | 5 sessions

This product is offered to any / all players. The Shooting Is A Habit is only offered to middle school players, BUT middle school players can apply / register for this product as well. The pricing is dramatcially different.


Let It Fly  [$50.00]

{ 2 Hour Shooting Clinic } 

This product is normally offered on Sundays ... this product is a great introduction or refresher to shooting. It stresses the mechanics and technical side of shooting - we utilize our patented Pure Shooter shooting apparatus and our patent pending The Cheat Cord. Once you get through with this clinic, your shot will be exactly where you need it to be.


Shooting Academy  [$75 / $135]

[3wk - 6wk] We understand the necessity of hosting a ton of shooting opportunities... we utilize this product to supplement the downtime between all the other products that we offer. Our Academy is perfect for anyone looking to improve on mechanics / technique and wants a semi-aggressive schedule.


Shooting Is A Habit (1 on 1)  $1300.00

NEW | (THIS PROGRAM IS OFFERED TO KIDS IN THE 6TH 7TH 8TH ONLY) this is "slow-paced" meaning we may only do 1 thing the entire workout, BUT... that will be something that we can build upon - as young players most will teach made shots... this is a HORRIBLE way to teach something that is ever changing. Teach the technique / mechanics, even if they are they cannot "make the shot!" Prior to releasing this program, we had a couple of players go through it to make sure that the effectiveness and the results necessary were there. This is one on one with no rush; taking our time explaining and exploring the problem / solution realm. These sessions will be ran by Sean Hardeman, owner of Ball-Hard and creator of two patented shooting products. This product is offered only in sessions of 10.



Only Taking 2 Clients For September - 1st Come 1st Served
Shooting Is  A Habit REMIX.jpg
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