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Ball-Hard Player Development     x    ROI Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

A collaborative effort of two dynamic entities coming together to provide an unmatched service to basketball players around the country. Austin is a destination space and players come here for the scenery, nightlife, and now for the work!


TLAP (TRAIN LIKE A PRO) is a twofold product. For the PROS, it's  all about becoming razor sharp and able to duplicate the behaviors necessary to command a check or chase a bigger one. For the college players it's all about adding pieces to make you more valuable and viable for your current situation - then input the behaviors that will allow you to become a pro.


The daily schedule will be workouts 3 x  daily -

Monday Wednesday 

9am we will be at Ball-Hard working on skill work 

1pm RUNS

9pm Shooting Workout

Tuesday Thursday 

9am ROI will be the move; they will build a program that will be specific to your outcomes that you want - FULL SERVICE 

1pm RUNS or skill work based on workload from ROI

9pm Shooting Workout

FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY  recovery day(s) and 1 on 1 specific opportunities 


ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY:  MAY 8TH will be the official start date and we will go until May 25th = 36 total workouts  $600.00
ABRIDGED (2WKS): MAY 8TH -18TH  OR MAY 15TH - 25TH = 24 total workouts $430.00

History Of TLaP

TLAP started in 2021 but do to the pandemic the attendance was lackluster at best, with 7 participants. With those 7 players we worked to improve them and their situations as best we could (in spite of the circumstances). 2022 we assisted 6 collegiate players that wanted to get ready for their professional careers... 2 players made a NBA G League roster; 3 played Euroleague; 1 played in the Canadian League. We assisted 2 professional players get into a better financial situation with the Isreali League; we assisted 13 collegiate players return to their respective colleges and shine brighter than the year before. We also allowed 2 high school players to be a part of it - they faired well... one accepted an D1 offerjust a few months back. This year the focus is simple - IMPROVEMENT!!! We will take the 1st couple of days to get to know who and what you your game is ---- and then its off to the races. The objective is to assist the attendees KNOW what the areas of improvement are AND THEN have all parties (Player | Ball-Hard  | ROI) all on the same page.

The Work Is The Work




Ball Handling improvement - passing lanes - footwork into shooting (pickups are the biggest issue most people suffer from BUT they don't work on) - 3 levels of work + 3 levels of reads. Continuously pushing the players level of comfort.  

Digital Shot Clocks to keep the pace funky!!! Custom rules to make the games go without a lot of downtime / arguing. Keep the numbers capped at 18 so that we have everyone getting the same valuable opportunity to utilize the skill work that we just worked on. Stats are kept as well.

This part of the workout we will keep stats from the 1st day to the last day; you as a player will be able to see your improvement (daily / weekly / monthly) as well as your weakness.

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